Owning rental property in the Chicago Metropolitan Area can sometimes be frustrating, especially when a residential or commercial tenant stops paying rent or otherwise violates the terms of the lease. The rights of tenants in the City of Chicago, Mount Prospect and Evanston are well-protected by the law. Landlords must be proactive in protecting their rights and interests and adopt aggressive defense tactics against tenants. If you are a Landlord facing litigation, Austin Jarrett can provide you with the experienced and reliable representation that you need.

Austin Jarrett has worked extensively with residential property owners throughout the Chicago Metropolitan Area. We can help guide property owners through the laws and procedures applicable to Chicagoland landlords, including the laws and practice which relate to the eviction process and what must be done to enforce the owner’s legal rights against the tenant. Austin Jarrett can assist you with

  • Negotiating a strong lease
  • Making sure your lease forms comply with local laws, Chicago, Evanston or Mt. Prospect
  • Preparing the appropriate five day, ten day or thirty day notice for termination of the occupancy rights of a tenant
  • Meeting counterclaims alleging violation of the provisions of the Chicago Residential Landlord Tenant Ordinance¬†(RLTO)
  • Collecting the monies awarded to you as a result of your judgment.